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MCQ Questions for Class 6 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 7 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 8 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 9 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 10 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 11 with Answers

MCQ Questions for Class 12 with Answers

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FAQs on NCERT Solutions

Q1. Where to download MCQ, Solutions for all Grades and Subjects?

MCQs,Solutions for all the Grades and subjects are provided online or you can view them on our site. Detailed description of the questions is given by subject experts and you can use them as a reference during your preparation.

Q2. What is MCQ Exemplar and where can we get its Solutions?

MCQ, Exemplars are basically practice-books that contain additional questions of higher level and give you comprehensive and thorough learning. The NCERT Solutions for the questions are present on our site or you can find them online too.

Q3. Which Book is best for Solutions?

Textbooks can be great to guide you for any exam and has detailed solutions for the questions. All the Solutions are explained in a comprehensive manner and are recommended by many subject experts.

Q4. What are the benefits of MCQ and Solutions?

MCQs and Solutions lay a stronger foundation of concepts in students that can be useful for them in their later stages to prepare for any competitive exams.

Q5. How can I download the All MCQ and Solutions in PDF Format for free?

You can utilize the quick links on our page to view or download the MCQ and Solutions of all Grades in an easy way.

Q6. What is the need of MCQ and Solutions?

NCERT Solutions will provide you an in-depth understanding of all the questions and concepts in NCERT Textbooks. The majority of the boards that prefer the NCERT Textbooks can use these Solutions for getting a grip on the subject.

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